path(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Alias to pathlib.Path() with some additional input sanitization:

  • None entries are removed

  • a list of arguments is converted to separate arguments


sc.path('') # Returns PosixPath('')

sc.path('/a/folder', None, 'a_file.txt') # Returns PosixPath('/a/folder/a_file.txt')
New in version 1.2.2.
New in version 2.0.0: handle None or list arguments

PurePath subclass that can make system calls.

Path represents a filesystem path but unlike PurePath, also offers methods to do system calls on path objects. Depending on your system, instantiating a Path will return either a PosixPath or a WindowsPath object. You can also instantiate a PosixPath or WindowsPath directly, but cannot instantiate a WindowsPath on a POSIX system or vice versa.