class surf3d(data, x=None, y=None, fig=None, ax=None, returnfig=False, colorbar=True, figkwargs=None, axkwargs=None, plotkwargs=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot 2D data as a 3D surface

  • data (arr) – 2D data

  • x (arr) – 1D vector or 2D grid of x coordinates (optional)

  • y (arr) – 1D vector or 2D grid of y coordinates (optional)

  • fig (fig) – an existing figure to draw the plot in (or set to True to create a new figure)

  • ax (axes) – an existing axes to draw the plot in

  • returnfig (bool) – whether to return the figure, or just the axes

  • colorbar (bool) – whether to plot a colorbar

  • figkwargs (dict) – passed to figure()

  • axkwargs (dict) – passed to axes()

  • plotkwargs (dict) – passed to plot()

  • kwargs (dict) – also passed to plot()


data = sc.smooth(pl.rand(30,50))