gitinfo(path=None, hashlen=7, die=False, verbose=True)[source]#

Retrieve git info

This function reads git branch and commit information from a .git directory. Given a path, it will check for a .git directory. If the path doesn’t contain that directory, it will search parent directories for .git until it finds one. Then, the current information will be parsed.

Note: if direct directory reading fails, it will attempt to use the gitpython library.

  • path (str) – A folder either containing a .git directory, or with a parent that contains a .git directory

  • hashlen (int) – Length of hash to return (default: 7)

  • die (bool) – whether to raise an exception if git information can’t be retrieved (default: no)

  • verbose (bool) – if not dying, whether to print information about the exception


Dictionary containing the branch, hash, and commit date


info = sc.gitinfo() # Get git info for current script repository
info = sc.gitinfo(my_package.__file__) # Get git info for a particular Python package