findnearest(series=None, value=None)[source]#

Return the index of the nearest match in series to value – like sc.findinds(), but always returns an object with the same type as value (i.e. findnearest with a number returns a number, findnearest with an array returns an array).

  • series (array) – the array of numbers to look for nearest matches in

  • value (scalar or array) – the number or numbers to compare against


sc.findnearest(rand(10), 0.5) # returns whichever index is closest to 0.5
sc.findnearest([2,3,6,3], 6) # returns 2
sc.findnearest([2,3,6,3], 6) # returns 2
sc.findnearest([0,2,4,6,8,10], [3, 4, 5]) # returns array([1, 2, 2])